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Meet Our Content Storyteller

Posted by Linda Edwards on

Name: Joycelyn Ghansah
Occupation: Client and Web Content Management                              

Quote That Inspires You: “Talk doesn’t cook rice”-Chinese Proverb

I found this quote four years ago while serving as an AmeriCorps Participant with City Year New Hampshire. I’ve always loved serving and volunteering, just working to make the world as cliche as it sounds, a better place. The quote reminds me to TAKE ACTION. To simply put it, instead of waiting for the world to become a better place, you should get up and start making the change.

What do you like most about working with A Fair Trade World 

Storytelling! Creating content that inspires others to connect with the products and artisans that we work with, is my favorite part about my job and working with A Fair Trade World. The organization's main goal is to empower artisan women and to illustrate their story to the global community. I come from a line of story tellers who were able to take a word or a phrase and inspire others. Working in the Fair Trade Movement and especially in A Fair Trade World you hear all these inspiring stories from the artisans like, Christine from Uganda who designs these amazing paper necklaces to support her four children. I am happy that I have been given the opportunity to mold all these stories and deliver great content to our followers and consumers.

Why do you Fair Trade

Fair trade creates opportunities for socially and economically marginalized communities. When you Fair trade, you know the origin, producers, and the condition of the product. Fair trade allows the producers of the product to develop an independent enterprise where they are able to not only help their families, but their communities as well. As someone who has a background in Social Justice and Human Rights, I think it’s very important to promote brands that support global communities to participate in issues that affect them. That is why I enjoy working at A Fair Trade World, the organization strives to educate and assist all the artisans we work with.

Fun Fact:
I enjoy copy editing well, editing content in general and I am inactively training for the May 2016 Houston Lupus marathon.

About Joycelyn:

Joycelyn Ghansah has worked in the nonprofit sector for four years and has experience developing social awareness programs, social media presence, website maintenance, and recruitment and retention management. She has her Masters of Arts in Social Justice and Human Rights and a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science.


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