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ON THE ROAD AGAIN - Country #84 Morocco

Posted by Linda Edwards on

     Day 1.

     Today, on my 10,000 steps I did not see any handcraft goods. Even though my vacation is not for fair trade, I am always looking to meet men and women who handcraft quality and useful products. I have neither seen any poverty. If I had not spent summers on my grandfathers farm in middle Tennessee, I might have mistaken the old man driving a wagon with a donkey today for poverty. But I ascertained he just lives a simple life. I'll await my final decision.

     This is my second night in Morocco and it's getting to be fun. Culture shock turns into laughing at things rather than complaining. For example, each room has one towel for the roommates to share. One towel and no bath mat. Two other ladies and I are sitting here in the lobby watching our trip mates come down to lobby, one at a time, and ask the desk manager for another towel. We know the answer but they do not; no second towel will appear. There are five men in black suits standing over there discussing the situation, but, really, there is no answer as to why there is only going to be one towel.

      Great beef with almonds and raisins!




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