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ThaiCraft of Thailand speaks out

Posted by Linda Edwards on

ThaiCraft, a member of World Fair Trade Organization-Asia, has this to say about why to support Fair Trade:

5 Reasons for Fair Trade
    1) Altruistically
because we all share this world and, for most of us, happiness and fulfilment is not achieved if we take advantage 
of others and they consequentially suffer.

2) Realistically
because security in the world depends on fair access to and the sharing of resources for all and mutual respect for 
all people and peoples. 

3) Ecologically,
because, as the world’s resources become depleted, so the access and sharing of those resources becomes more difficult 
and the respect for people and other creatures is forgotten.

4) Educationally,
because if we can all be part of a process of improvement, we can maximise our potential to find ways to solve most 
the world’s troubles

5) Economically,
because the two billion people earning less than two dollars a day should not be a problem but a huge opportunity. If they 
could earn a decent wage to support themselves, then they will become consumers, positively contributing to the economies 
of our world. Trade that depends on the exploitation of the most marginalized is not sustainable.

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