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Bamboo Basket Bag of Thailand

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The hand fabrication of this bamboo bag is done with perfection in mind, as these bags are of heirloom quality. In fact, very few of these handbags are now made. The men in the Karin refugee village create the bamboo basket. The women weave the silk and finish the bag by seeing the fabric inside.

You may choose from a dark brown bamboo bag and the lighter bamboo basket bag.  Dimensions of the bags range from 8 x 9” to 9 x 10.” 



What Makes The Bamboo Ba Special?
The lining is made from Thai silk by women. These bamboo of the handbags is made by male artisans. They reside in the Myanmar refugee camp just inside the western border of western Thailand.


The artisans are paid fair trade wages by Sop Moei Arts in Chiang Mai.



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