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Indigo Batik Pouches

  • 1200

Batik pouches/bags are made of 100% cotton, with use of the traditional Thai batik patterns. Each lined pouch is approximately 3.5 x 4" with the use of a zipper closing.

Fun Fact!

Our founder visited a Thai family who makes batik fabrics, for several days. She stayed overnight sleeping underneath the white mosquito net with Great Grandma. During her time with the family, she was able to experience how the artisans made the Batik pouches

Dr. Linda participated:
- In stamping the tallow patterns with metal stampers onto the cloth.
- Dipped the pieces of fabric into very dark blue indigo vats, made from natural plants.

The entire process took a few days. After the cloth is dyed, it is washed over and over, and then hung on the line to dry.

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