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....."making the world a better place through fair trade"
Host a BEADEvent....have your own Fair Trade Home Party
Host a Festival Table
Richmond Vegetarian Festival
Host a Bazaar Table

You can sell our products at a Fair Trade Home Party.

PREPARE: Just invite your friends (email, our invitation, Evite, etc). A Fair Trade World provides information, a cookbook, and lots of support.

Your friends will be happy to help these Uganda artisan families by attending a Fair Trade Home Party.

TELL the STORY of FAIR TRADE:  You can easily help educate your friends about Fair Trade (we guide you). You just tell this true story: by buying Paper Bead Jewelry, a consumer makes possible for the children of artisans  have nutritious food, medical care, the materials they need at school, and a suitable home. You can help artisans and their families to rise out of poverty. 

HAVE FUN. All girls like a party - and a new twist on the home party is the Fair Trade Home Party. You the hostess will provide the setup and possibly refreshments. 

 You can have a Fair Trade party for........
     Valentine’s Day, springtime, Mother's Day, birthdays, bridal showers, holidays, raising money for adoptions or any event.
     Show your friends that their dollars spent toward Fair Trade are actually helping someone in a Lower Developed country.
     You are actually giving everyone a gift when you share Fair Trade products.
How Do You Begin Hosting a BEADEvent
Write us at or call 804-338-4524, asking for Linda
HOSTESS FAIRTRADE BOOKELET. You will learn all you need to know about Fair Trade by talking with us and reading our material. You can also look at the websites of the Fair Trade Federation ( and the World Fair Trade Organization ( and you will get an education that will be beneficial to you and your friends.
FOOD. Everyone likes refreshments. You can serve FT coffee, FT tea and FT chocolate, plus make recipes using FT sugar or chocolate chips. It’s great for your treats to be Fair Trade products and we will help you with that.
INVITING. Inviting can be simple.. Like using or just a phone call or simply email. We can provide you with FT stationery to make the FT invitations. We will even send a follow-up email to your friends, should you wish.
Educating Your Guests
   Some of the people coming to your party may not know anything about Fair Trade. Building momentum for your party, you can talk about social injustice issues. They may not have thought much about poverty outside the U.S.
   You can have a guest speaker and we can help you with that effort- or you can prepare a short presentation—and we can even write that for you.    
Presenting The Products
   This is the fun part. Present the products in an inviting manner.
   It is good to present one product at a time. In other words, bring each product out, one at a time, talk about color, texture, quality, composition, and purpose. Add the story of the artisan. Or you can arrange all the products prior to the BeadEvent.
    We will send you a kit that includes several pieces of each and every style and color. All products will be tagged with a price and FT information. You need to have your kit in hand two weeks before your party, giving you enough time to learn about the products and to get in touch with us with your questions. This party/event will be easy. 
The important thing is that Fair Trade is the solution to poverty for artisans. And we can tell you all about it. We thank you for caring about artisans and for practicing Fair Trade and for being a socially conscious consumer who wishes to share this with your friends. 
Please Call. Contact Us now.
Let us set up your Fair Trade PARTY & BEADEvent.