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A Fair Trade World seeks to improve and sustain the lives of Uganda, East Africa artisans who make our unique Paper Bead Jewelry. Textile Handbags and pouches are made by Burmese, Nepalese, Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese artisans. By practicing the Fair Trade principles, A Fair Trade World is able to provide a Living Wage for their handmade products and help to elevate these artisan families out of poverty. When women are Empowered to use their potential and creativity, they are Encouraged to have hope and plans for their Future.
To learn more about Fair Trade, we invite you to watch these short videos: Fairtrade Canada and 
...and by Fairtrade Foundation: "Why Does Fairtrade Mean Sustainable Trade."
To do more with Fair Trade, we invite you to get in touch by calling or emailing.
To help with Fair Trade efforts, you too can sell Fair Trade products in many ways. You can get in touch with us!
To see a glimpse our work and products, see this video: 

Our Goal:  To create a Life of Sustainable Entrepreneurship                                         

Emily and children from rural Uganda