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Bead Necklaces


Each bead necklace is handmade by an artisan who is working very hard to improve her quality of life. She works to benefit her children who need adequate healthcare, good nutrition and education. 

When the artisan can produce and sell jewelry, the artisan increases her family's opportunity for a better and stable life. The artisan may have several jobs: a small farmer who grows the family's food and tends the animals, and she may also be a vendor at the market.

In order to sell her jewelry, the artisan must make contact with an individual buyer, such a tourist or a buyer for the retail market....likely from another continent.

All the beaded jewelry in this collection has been bought directly from an artisan or an artisan coop using the fair trade method. Fair trade includes pricing that includes the woman's expenses plus funds for the production time.

The example shown below is the Karatasi (paper) 4-Strand Necklace.

Don't doubt that your purchase helps someone striving to live better and more sustainably.