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Bead Bracelets

Wearing East African Bead Bracelets is a great way of showing that you care. The mostly female artisans of Uganda work many hours, creating each bead for the unique bracelet.

You can choose from several styles and have a bracelet to suit every occasion and every day! Above you see the Amanu Band Bracelet and the Nguvu 3-Strand Bracelet. 

The beads are rolled from colorful and printed recycled paper. When you buy a paper bracelet, you help insure a sustainable life of quality for a woman in Africa, lifting her up out of poverty.

Below are seen the Bangles and the Bangle artisan. Paper Bead Bangles make a great fund raising item because of their reasonable price, many colors and versatility. The bracelets vary slightly in size: there is bracelet on our site for everyone to love.