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Artisan Christine

Posted by Linda Edwards on

Artisan Nambooze Christine

of Uganda

Jambooze Christine is a 50 year old mother of 4 (two boys and two girls, the youngest being 25 years of age). Christine separated from her husband 5 years ago and has since then struggled to earn a living. Christine dropped out of school after senior four because her father could no longer afford to pay for her education. Her father was working as a technician at Makerere University until 1996 when he finally retired. Today both of Christine’s parents have passed on and she is on her own. Christine is among the many women in Uganda who have done all that is humanly possible to put their children through school with minimal help from their husbands. Today, her two daughters are gainfully employed because of her efforts. The boys do odd jobs because they did not want to go very far with their education in spite of her efforts. Christine was led to NAWOU by one of her friends who was already making textile crafts and delivering them to the marketing team. She was able to start making banana fiber mobiles and stuffed toys. Soon the purchase orders for these two items reduced and she was again without work. Soon the NAWOU marketing department added another product line for recycled paper jewelry and because Christine was always ready to learn new things, which is one of her greatest strengths, she soon got involved in making jewelry. Luck was on her side when Oxfam Australia finally sent a very big order of recycled paper necklaces and bracelets to NAWOU in addition to other orders from Afairworld designs and Lovethatstuff UK. When Christine is not making jewelry, she does poultry and piggery rearing. Christine loves everything that she does and always strives to perfect it to the best of her ability.

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