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Ajabu Bead Sets

  • 1750

Ajabu means "extraordinary" and this word describes these women who strive to be self sufficient and future entrepreneurs. Bead sets will make unique fair trade gifts for a family member, a friend, or you may wear the necklace for a special occasion.

The five and six-strand necklace is 18-22" long and features smooth elongated shaped beads and a band bracelet. Other paper bead sets are available, as shown. 

· The handmade beads are rolled, glued, dried and restrung
· The elongated beads are about 1/4" diameter on strong plastic line

Matching bracelets are 1" wide band bracelets. Other matching bracelet may be available (see Bracelets).

Please ask for desirable colors.

Additonal Information:

Our products are handmade using mostly recycleable materials. The women delight in teaching each other their bead-making skill. By passing on these skills, they hope to improve the lives of their community.

Many female artisans of Uganda are single mothers with the responsibility to provide for her family. Uganda is a country in East Africa that has suffered from warfare and poverty.

When you purchase this set, you truly are making a difference. Join our "bead brigade" and sponsor a party, a shop trunk show, a festival or bazaar!

Thank you.